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Clean History

Opens Clean Browser History dialog.


External Tools

  • Add External Tool: in this dialog you can add an external tool giving its name, startup directory, command and some arguments if you need.

Ad Hunter

Content Control


Manage Plugins

Opens Plugins page in Maxthon Setup Center.

Manage Filter Packs

Opens Filter Packs page in Maxthon Setup Center.

Magic Fill

  • Save Current Form: you can save the forms' data of the current page.
  • Manage Form Data: opens Magic Fill options in MSC.

Screen Capture

From this submenu you can use tools of Screen Capture module.

Edit Page

You can watch the source of the page.

File Sniffer


Opens Collector which is a simple text editor.

Maxthon Downloader

Opens Maxthon Downloader tab.

Find in Page

Toggles Find in Page bar on/off.

Maxthon Setup Center

Opens a new tab with a huge set of Maxthon options. Maxthon Setup Center is also called as MSC.

Internet Options

This option opens Internet Explorer's option window.