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This page provides some basic information and a list of available features of Maxthon 3. You can find detailed information in each individual articles.

What is Maxthon 3?

Maxthon 3 is the first version of Maxthon Browser for PC which combines the rendering engine of Chromium, Webkit, with Internet Explorer's Trident. It was started from scratch, so it is a separate software from previous versions. You can use all three in parallel, however you will have to use portable Maxthon Cloud Browser if you wish to use that simultaneously with version 3, because of the fact that Maxthon Cloud Browser uses the %appdata%, named as Maxthon3, identical to the one named as such in Maxthon 3's installation.

Its main specialty consists of a clean User Interface (which can be greatly customized by skins). Webkit is set as default, but you can switch to Trident engine on-the-fly.

History of Maxthon 3


This page describes what the new UI looks like, where you can find given buttons, toolbars, the menu etc.
For disabling sounds coming from the browser.
This function is for having more browsing space.
Details about what is Maxthon Passport and mainly, how and what you can sync with Maxthon 3.
Check this page to see what Favorites can offer to you.
With skins you can customize the look and feel of the browser.
With extensions it is possible to add more functionality into your browser.
Save any part of your screen as an image.
Launch any applications on your drive right from the browser.
This mode is to spare eyes when browsing at night.
With Reader mode you can read a clean version of articles.
A tool to find and download media content from webpages.
Functionality to detach flash contents from pages.
With this feature you can block advertisements or disturbing content on the page, and customize webpages.
Maxthon's built-in download manager.
Notepad-like utility which allows synchronization of notes.
Split your screen and watch two pages at the same time.
Import and export favorites and other data from different browsers
It makes your surfing more faster and more convenient by helping to find and complete the URL you want to open.
Browse the web using your mouse.
Use shortcuts, aliases for page to ease browsing.
Provides basic real-time information about your system