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Several sections in this article may need to be updated. Further information might be found on the talk page.

Using Maxthon you probably have stumbled upon some problems that may be caused by a wrong configuration or corrupted files or other any other reasons, This guide will hopfully cover the most common mistakes users make in using Maxthon and How to search for the reason of your problem to fix it.

Important: Following this guide's directions may cause loss of data or configuration you made to Maxthon 2, So make sure you know what you are doing!

I'm currently completing this guide so you might find some incorrect info or some mistakes, So please be kind and report it to me on the talk page. ;)

Most common causes of problems:

There are a number of things that may cause the problem. That includes corrupted files, mis-configuration and general mistakes -- which can be fixed by restoring the default settings. Unfortunately, if your specific problem is already in the know bugs list, you can safely ignore the troubleshooting advice below -- because none of it will help. (Not to worry -- it's on the bugs list already!)

(1) Interface glitches and corrupted UI.xml

The problem:

Restoring the default settings and customization of the interface would probably fix 90% of the glitches in the interface, That includes the sidebar, The menus, And the toolbars, If you have been experincing the symptoms bellow then you will need to restore the default settings:

  • Missing menu items in the menus, Clearly appear with the introducing of new features that adds a menu item or even delete an old one.
  • Weird behavior from some buttons, that includes non functional buttons.
  • Missing items in the Customize dialog
  • Dynamic menus (Menu items that change with adding or removing something) doesn't reflect changes.

It's hard to cover all the symptoms because it depends on the problem, latest Maxthon 2 versions _sometimes_ force restoring default layout to some toolbars or menus, But it's not garanted that there won't be any left out data in the configuration files.

The fix:

There are two ways to restore the default settings:

  • Restoring default customization to a certain toolbar or to the toolbars one by one, To do so right click on any toolbars (avoid mult-function buttons like refresh/stop/close) and click customize, Now click on the toolbars tab, Select the toolbar you want to restore and click the restore button from the right, Do the same steps for any other toolbar you want, Please note that restoring the menu bar will restore the menus.
  • If the problem is beyond just a corrupted toolbar, You will need to delete the entire UI.xml, Which is responsible for the interface of Maxthon 2 and some other items that can't be even customizable from Maxthon, The UI.xml file is located in <Maxthon_installation_folder>/<you_account_e-mail>/config/UI.xml

Replace <Maxthon_installation_folder> with the directory you have installed Maxthon to, And replace <you_account_e-mail> with the e-mail you are using in logging in (your Maxthon passport e-mail) In case of personal accounts, You will find a folder called shared If you are using a shared account.

(2) Configuration problems

The problem:

Some settings may be causing your problem. If the problem first appeared after you tweaked something using the Maxthon setup center, you can revert to the factory-default settings as a last resort, but it may be better to find out what was causing the problem.

The fix:

Quite simple. From the tools menu, click Maxthon Setup Center, then from the General section click the "Reset All Settings to Default" link. As you will see from the note below the link, this will remove your configuration settings.

(3) An inhertied IE problem

The problem:

As the IE engine is the most problmatic engine on Earth, You have to make sure the problem is not caused by Internet explorer, Because this will change a lot from the way you will solve the problem.

The fix:

The most common fix is to also change all the I.E settings to default, Click the tools menu from Maxthon, And click Internet options, Then navigate to the Advanced tab, Click the reset button on the bottom.

One more way to fix the problem is to reinstall the whole IE or fixing the current installation, These topics may help you regarding this issue:

xxx xxx

Top 10 problems that may face the user

Although some of the tips mentioned here are not necessary to be the cause of the problem, They still can be a good way to solve some issues like speed issues and weird behavior:

(1) High memory usage/ Instability

Have you turned off Multi-threading?

Turning off Multi-threading may cause a lot of problems regarding the stability, the CPU and the memory usage, and obviously it's turned on by default and located in the advanced part of the setup center for a reason ;)

Fix: Maxthon setup center > Advanced > Turn ON Open each new tab in a separate thread

Have you turned on the Text Filter & Filter Packs?

Some filter packs may notcibly slow down your Maxthon will running Maxthon, That depends on the complecity of the pack, It also may increase the system resources consumed by Maxthon rapidcly.

Fix: Maxthon setup center > Ad Hunter > Turn OFF Enable Text Filter & Filter Packs

(2) There's a problem in opening some links in a websites/ Links are always opened in a new tab.

Have you enabled opening of links in a new tab?

Although it's a useful feature it may be also the cause of your problem, If you have a problem with some links in a websites or you wonder why links always open in a new tabs and want to turn it off (Which is already been asked a xxxxxxth times :P).

Fix: Turn off both the option in Maxthon setup center > Tabs bar > Force all Links to be opened in New Tabs and the toggle button in the status bar with a tab and a star icon with a tooltip: "Force open links in a new tab".

(Trust me I don't know the difference between the two options :blush:)

(3) Maxthon's process keeps running even after closing Maxthon

Have you enabled closing to system tray?

If you haven't noticed that you turned this option on, You will probably think Maxthon's process stays in Memory after closing, Despite being running in the background.]

Fix: Maxthon setup center > General > Turn OFF Close to system tray

(4) Weird looking interface, Or old icons.

Are you using an old skin?

Missing icons in old skins use the last-used skin icons, So If you have the default skin then switched to an old skin you will notice some icons not being replaced.

Fix: Switch to the default skin or use a complete skin that is designed for the latest version.

(5) Maxthon lags or slows down on closing

Have you enabled deleting Temporary internet files on closing?

Setting Maxthon to delete the Temp or cookies on closing may cause it to hang for a few minutes espicially when deleting a lot of files.

Fix: Maxthon setup center > Safety and Privacy > turn OFF Clean Browsing History on Exit or Cache Files only at least.

(6) Maxthon shows me a cached page or page doesn't update with new content on some websites.

Have you enabled Maxthon web accelerator for this site?

Also the super MSA sometimes shows the updated content, Othertimes it cause Maxthon to show old content, You have probably turned the accelerator on for this site by clicking the "Flash" button on the status bar.

Fix: Uncheck the flash button on this site or Go to Maxthon setup center > Advanced > Edit Super Acceleration Website List.. and remove the website from the list.

To be continued

=Troubleshooting:= (temporary title - description will be added)

(1) Turn off ad hunter.

(2) Turn off filter packs.

(3) Disable auto-starting plugins.

Weather5 Unable to turn off even from the veiws menu please advise

(4) Enable Multi-threading.