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Tab Style

Set the tab width and lines as you wish.

You have three options:

Auto-Fit Tabs: The tabs will auto-fit the width of the program window width;
Fixed Width Tabs: Set the tabs' width at the bottom of this column.  There is a blank by the side of "Minimum width of tab"
Multiline Tabs: The tabs stand in multilines. The width of tab is set to be "Maximum width of tab".

Set some properties of the tab

Display Tab Bar on the bottom :The tab on the bottom, which seems weird.

Bold active tab's caption: Emphasize the acitve tab.

Activate tab on the left after closing a tab (Otherwise activate the one on the right): This depends on your habit.

Use CTRL+ARROW key to switch tabs: Only this is enabled that you can use the Ctrl+Arrow shortcuts keys to switch between tabs.

Use mouse wheel to switch tabs when holding right mouse button: Only this is enabled that you can use the mouse wheel to switch between tabs.

Show "New Tab" button on Tab Bar: This means the "+" shape button as you can see.

Show "Close Tab" button:

1.Don't show

2.Only on Active Tab (Default)

3.On All Tabs

Default behavior of "New Tab" command
Open Blank Tab
Duplicate Current Tab
Open new tab next to current tab

Open New Tab from
Address Bar
Search Bar
Favorites Links
History Links
Home Page 
Activate New Tab after open
Address Bar & Search Bar
Favorites & History Item
Mouse Click and Shift+Click
Middle Mouse Button Click
Super Drag&Drop 

Force all Links to be opened in New Tabs (Some websites might have problems with this option enabled):

The number and the width of tabs

Maximum number of tabs: Set your maximum number of opening tabs.

Minimum width of tab: Set your Minimum width of tab, Which will be used while Fixed Width Tabs is enabled.

Maximum width of tab: Set your Maximum width of tab, Which will be used while Multiline Tabs is enabled.