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Type the URL of the site which you would like it to be your homepage. When you open the browser, this page will be automatically loaded. You can also set a blank page for this. It is set to be Maxthon Start Page if you don’t change the setting.
Startup Page

This is different with homepage. It’s the first look when you start Maxthon every time.

You have four options:

1. Open Homepage. --- Let you begin with your homepage.

2. Show "Last Visited Pages" Tab. --- You will access a page which displays your last visied page when you close the browser last time.

3. Resume pages left open on last exit automatically. --- Open all opened pages when you exit last time.

4. Open a folder of Favorites. --- Open a folder in your favorites folder. You can choose the folder by clicking on the green “Browse…” link

Check for updates at startup
If you check this option Maxthon will connect with his server every time you start Maxthon to check if there is an update available for Maxthon. It is enabled by default.
Don't load Startup Page when opened by other program
If you open a link in MSN, then you won’t see the startup page with this setting enabled. It is enabled by default.