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Maxthon Plugin

This is a list of all your installed Maxthon plugins.
You can find more plugins on the Maxthon Resource Center.

Start the plugin after the page is fully loaded
Enable this option if you like the plugin to start on all webpages you open when they finished loading. This can be useful for ad-blocking plugins or plugins that change things on webpages.

Do not use this option on plugins that open a new window! This will create a loop, since the plugin will start again on all opened windows. If you do this it might lock up Maxthon completely!

If the plugin has a configuration page this option will open it.
Remove the plugin from your hard disk.

You can temporarely disable a plugin if you uncheck the checkbox in front of the plugin name.
You have to restart Maxthon after this!

IE Plugin

Maxthon has support for some IE plugin. You can't use all IE plugins, since Maxthon works differently.

Enable IE Plugin Support
If you check this option Maxthon will list installed IE plugins after you restart Maxthon. Not all plugins you see in this list are supported. You can find a list of supported plugins here.

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