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In this list you can toggle your toolbars.


From this list the selected sidebars can be opened.

Split View

This option splits your page area to two sides. Both sides have its own Tab bar, and you can watch two websites at the same time.


It hides almost all of your toolbars and your sidebar.

Auto Hide

Having this option enabled your toolbars automatically hide when your mouse is not on your toolbars.


Refreshes the current page.

Refresh All

Refreshes all your open pages.


Stops the loading of current page.

Stop All

Stops the loading of all your open pages.

Font Size

You can change the font size of webpages from Smallest to Largest. The default is Medium.



You can set different zoom factor for the page.

View Source

This opens a text editor with the source code of the current page in it.


Opens Browser History where you can see what sites were open in the browser and when they were open.

Interface Style

There is four different interface styles. Actually these are like skins: Office 2000, Office 2003, Office XP, XP Native


Below these two options there is the list of the installed skins.


Shows the list of your installed language files where you can change the language of the browser. Language files are located in <Maxthon2 installation folder>\Language\ folder.