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With selecting this option you can log in to your account/Passport (Maxthon needs to restart) and you can use Online Favorites Service.

Lock Maxthon

If you are logged in to your account you can lock the browser to not be able to used by an other person. You can unlock it giving your account password.

New Tab

In this menu you can select what kind of new page you would like to open:

  • Blank Page
  • your Homepage
  • Duplicate Tab: opens a new tab with the site of the currently active tab. (actually a copy of the active tab)
  • Address on Clipboard: if you have a URL on your clipboard, this option can open it


Displays you a dialog where you need to type the URL of the page you would like to open.

Save As...

You can save the current website to your PC in four types. As...:

  • Complete webpage
  • Webarchive, single file
  • Webpage, only HTML
  • text file


You can send the current webpage or just its URL by e-mail by an installed e-mail client like Microsoft Office Outlook.

Capture Current Web Page

This option is part of the Screen Capture module. It makes a picture from the current web page what you can save to your PC.


With this option you can save the history of the current tab. (History Track button’s list) The file will be saved with .mse extension. (Maxthon Session File)


  • Print: Opens the print dialog of the printer.
  • Print Preview: Makes a preview image of the page you would like to print.
  • Page Setup: Opens the page setup dialog of the printer.

Import Maxthon 1.x Settings...

If you used or using Maxthon 1.x now and you would like to have the options and saved data of Maxthon Classic in Maxthon2, you can do it here.

Upload/Download User Data

Close Tab

Closes the current tab.

Close Other Tabs

  • Close Tabs on the Left (of the current tab)
  • Close Tabs on the Right (of the current tab)

Close All Tabs

Closes all open tabs.

Close Blank and Error Tabs

Closes all of crashed and blank tabs.

Work Offline


Closes Maxthon2.