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Add to Favorites

You can add a website to the Favorites folder. You need to give the title of your favorite and the folder you would like to add it to. Also you can make custom tags which can be assigned to the favorite.

Add all Tabs to Favorites

With this option you can add all your open tabs to the favorites. You just need to give a new folder name. Then a new folder will be made and the favorites will be added to that folder.

Manage Favorites

Opens Favorites Manager. Here you can manage easily your favorites. You can switch to RSS manager here where you can manage your RSS feeds.

More Actions

  • Check Links
    With this feature you can check that your saved favorite's URL is dead or not. You can check just a selected folder of favorites too.
  • Update Website Icons
    This option updates all of your favorite's site icon.

  • Import Favorites
    You can import favorites from 4 different sources. From:
    • Favorites Server
    • IE favorites
    • Firefox Bookmark File
    • HTML file exported by IE or Maxthon
  • Export Favorites
    Favorites can be exported to:
    • IE Favorites Folder and
    • to a HTML file
The folder you need to export can be selected.

  • Manually Synchronize

  • Restore from Backup

Favorites Website

Opens Online Favorites website.