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With this function it is possible to detach flash contents (mostly flash based videos) from webpages.

If you move the mouse over a video for a while, a small toolbar will appear. It contains a Mx3 video toolbar popup button.png button and a Mx3 video toolbar save button.png menu. For the details about the latter one please refer to the Maxthon 3 - Resource Sniffer article.

When you click on the Popup button, the video gets detached to a popup window and continues to play.

Mx3 popup window window frame top.png

The detached window can be pinned to the top on the screen, can be re-attached to the original webpage, and has a menu with some more functionality:

  • Reset Video Size: if you changed the size of the window you can set it back to its original size.
  • Download video: it is the same function which is described here.
  • Always on Top: with this option it is possible to pin the window onto the top of other windows. You can do the same with the Mx3 popup window pin button.png button on the window frame.
  • Auto-hide Window Frame: toggle the auto-hide of the window frame.
  • Exit Window Mode: this re-attaches the window the its original page if it is still open. If it is closed, then the window simply gets closed.