Maxthon 3 - System Information

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This a small toolbar which you can monitor some of your system's information real-time with on the status bar.

You can find the options under the Mx3 system information.png menu.


The following informations can be displayed:

  • Mx3 system information cpu.png CPU Usage
  • Mx3 system information download.png Download Speed
  • Mx3 system information upload.png Upload Speed
  • Mx3 system information physical memory.png Available Physical Memory
  • Mx3 system information vistual memory.png Available Virtual Memory
  • Mx3 system information ip.png Local IP
  • Mx3 system information ip.png Public IP

You can choose any number of them, so the status bar can display none or every of those options as well.

Down-/Upload Speed

Network connections

If you have more than one network drivers configured (e.g. the original network driver, a Virtual Box driver, etc.), you can select which one(s) you want to be displayed.

The same applies to Local and Public IP addresses.