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Snap is a tool for making images, screenshots of webpages and any part of you screen. The same feature exists in Maxthon 2 as Screen Capture.

It is placed among the Quick tools at top right: Mx3 quick tool snap.png Basically you have two options. One is Snap Whole Page which you can save the current page as an image. This can be activated by Ctrl+F2 by default. The other one is detailed below.

Snap Region

Snap toolbar

This option allows you to save a part of you screen as an image. For this choose the Snap Region option in this tool's dropdown menu or press Ctrl+F1.

Pixel display

For this first you need to select a region on the screen. When this is done a toolbar appears which provides some basic image editing tools: (in brackets you can find which options you can choose from for the given tool)

  • Mx3 snap tool rectangle.png Rectangle [Line thickness, color]
  • Mx3 snap tool ellipse.png Ellipse [Line thickness, color]
  • Mx3 snap tool arrow.png Arrow [Line thickness, color]
  • Mx3 snap tool brush.png Brush [Line thickness, color]
  • Mx3 snap tool highlight.png Highlight [Highlight size, color]
  • Mx3 snap tool blur.png Blur [Blur size]
  • Mx3 snap tool text.png Text [Font, font size, color]
  • Mx3 snap tool bubble.png Bubble [Font (You can type text into the bubble.), font size, color, bubble type]

You can save it directly to your hard drive by clicking Mx3 snap tool save.png, or copy it to the clipboard by Mx3 snap tool copy.png or Ctrl+C.

It is also possible to undo every change you made on the image with Mx3 snap tool undo.png.

If you would like to quit from snap click on the Mx3 snap tool cancel.png button or just hit Esc on the keyboard.

To ease precise snapping, it provides you a simple popup which you can check the color of the currently covered pixel and the surrounding ones as well. At the bottom of the popup it shows information about the size of the selected region and the color of the pixel (in hexa) covered by the mouse cursor.

If the position of the toolbar is not good, you can move it to another location by dragging it at the right end of it.

Selected Notepad++ text area

Window recognition

Snap Region can be used all time while Maxthon is running even if it has no focus. It can recognize different windows or window sections and when one is recognized it's selected automatically.

Supported image types are .jpg, .png and .bmp.

Differences from Screen Capture

In Maxthon 3 this function differs from the Screen Capture in Maxthon 2. Snap provides basic image editing functions, while with Screen Capture you can save all open pages as images at once.

Other information sources

You can get more information about the Snap feature if you check this tutorial video or this forum thread.