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The Smart Address Bar is the address bar itself with extended capabilities that can be enabled/disabled on demand. The functionality consists of the below listed items.

URL Auto-Complete

When you start typing some text into the address bar, if it finds matching items, then it completes the URL automatically with the first and most matching item. Then you don't need to type the whole URL, you just need to hit Enter to open the desired page.

The option to enable/disable it can be found under Options > Smart Address Bar

Favorites and History item suggestion

Favorite and history suggestions

The address bar can display suggestions from your favorites and your browser history. Each one can be enabled/disabled separately in Options > Smart Address Bar > More suggestions section.

Favorites are marked with a Mx3 smart address bar fav icon.png icon, history items with a Mx3 smart address bar history icon.png icon at the place of the favicon.