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SkyNote is a notepad-like tool what you can create and sync notes with. In logged in state the notes are synced to the cloud. Currently there is no option to switch it off.

You can open it via the quick tools bar at top left (Mx3 quick tool skynote.png), from the sidebar or by using the default Ctrl+G shortcut key.

Categories and notes

There are single notes and categories (practically folders/packages: Mx3 skynote category.png) that can contain the notes.

There are most ways of creating notes. The first one is the Mx3 skynote new menu.png menu/dropdown at the top. The button itself creates a note. In the dropdown you can choose whether to make a Note or a Category.

You also can make them in the context menu of each element is the Note List. Then the note is created in the actual category.

Of course you can remove your files if you want. You can use the Mx3 skynote delete button.png button at the top or the Delete Note/Delete Category option from the context menu of each items in the Note List.


SkyNote has options to import simple text files and save notes as .txt files. You can find those options in SkyNote's own menu as Save as... and Import.


Usage Info

All the notes and categories are stored in the cloud. When you make a change, they are synced automatically but you can do manual synchronization as well. For that use the Mx3 skynote sync button.png button at the top bar or select the Sync Now option from the menu.

While the sync is in progress, the Delete button is inactive in order to prevent any synchronization problem.

The capacity for storing SkyNote data is 200MB. You can check your status (used space, number of notes, number of categories) via the Menu > Usage option.

When you have a note open, on the title bar at the right, you can see a date and time which is the date and time of the last sync of that given note.

Other options and features

There are many other, smaller options which make the SkyNote experience better.


You can select the color of your note from a pre-defined list:

  • Default (white)
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Purple

Using colors, the separation and categorization is more flexible.


It is possible to lock notes which prevents them to be closed accidentally. You can lock/unlock them with the Mx3 skynote lock button.png button at the top or in the context menu of each note.

While a note is locked, a lock icon is displayed in the note list next to its name.

Send to SkyNote

Maxthon allows to send highlighted text from webpages to notes. After you highlight some text, an option appears in the right click menu: Send to SkyNote. If you select this, the text will be copied to a note, also its title will be made from the first 20-30 characters of the copied text.

Show source url

This feature is an extension of the previous function. If you have this option enabled, sending the text will also copy the source page URL too to the note in the following format:

<Source url:>

Collapse note list

For having more editor space it is possible to close the note list with the << button at the right of the note list title. After that a dropdown menu appears (Mx3 skynote note list button.png) where you can find all your notes from the currently open category.

Always on top

If you enable this option in the menu, the SkyNote window will always be on the top of the other windows, even if another window has focus.


The Font option in the menu opens Windows' built in font selector window where you can choose the font you want to use during editing.