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This is a smart tool which recognizes the different types of media files on the webpages and allow bulk download of them.

In most cases, if the page contains any media files, the Mx3 sniffer address bar.png icon is displayed in the address bar. The other way you can open up the Resource Sniffer window is clicking on the Mx3 quick tool resource sniffer.png icon on the toolbar.

File types and item list

Resource sniffer window with the thumbnail

You can choose what files to show: files on the current webpage or on all the open webpages.

The following file types are taken into account as:

  • Mx3 resource sniffer image.png Image: png, gif, jpg
  • Mx3 resource sniffer audio.png Audio:
  • Mx3 resource sniffer video.png Video: asx, flv

There is a fourth category, All (Mx3 resource sniffer all.png), available which lists any kind of files recognized. Even the ones which are not in the above three categories.

In case of mouse onhover you can get a thumbnail view of the hovered item.


Download window

There is a checkbox at the left of each items. If you tick one or more of them you can bulk download them by clicking on the Download button. You will be prompted to choose download location and confirm what files you would like to download.

Video download button

Maxthon 3 has a tool what you can download a currently viewed video with from for example video sharing sites like Youtube or Vimeo.

If you hover the mouse over the video for short peiod, a small toolbar appears at the upper right corner of the video. It has a Mx3 video toolbar popup button.png and a Mx3 video toolbar save button.png button what actually is a menu.

Popup toolbar

The Save menu lists all the available files (with name and file size) regarding the actual video. Each items has a Save and a Copy URL link. At the bottom of the list, with the Save All link you can bulk download all the files with a single click. The Settings link takes you to the Web Content tab of Maxthon Options.