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Reader Mode allows you to read pages in a clutter-free view.

Reader mode toolbar
Reader mode toolbar

When you open a page, the browser checks whether it can be opened in this mode. If it can be then the Image:Mx3_reader_mode_address_bar.png icon appears at the right of the address bar. Click on it, then the Reader mode opens and the icon changes to Image:Mx_3_reader_mode_active_address_bar.png.

It doesn't support for example tables, so you can't open those kind of pages in Reader mode.


[edit] The reader

Once you switched to this mode a simple reader appears on the screen showing the content of the page. At first start you get some information popups to quickly get to know what you can find under Settings and Auto-switch.

Settings information popup
Settings information popup

You have some basic settings at the bottom which you can make your reading more comfortable with: Zoom In, Zoom Out, Night Mode, Settings, Auto-switch content pages to Reader Mode, Exit.

[edit] Night Mode

This is similar to the original Night Mode feature but the colors are different when it is switched on. The default mode is called Day Mode.

Page Width setting
Page Width setting

[edit] Settings

When you click on the Settings button a popup appears where you can modify three different things:

  • Page Width: Please note that this function is not the same as the Zoom In/Out. In this case the letter size doesn't change.
  • Page Color: White, Green, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Gray
  • Font

[edit] Auto-switch to Reader Mode

This feature can remember the current website and next time when you go to a saved website it will automatically switch to Reader Mode (in case the given page on that site can be viewed in Reader Mode).

You can do this save by clicking on the button showing an R. (Second from right.) If a website is remembered the R button has a green background indicating the saved status.

[edit] Feedback

Feeback button
Feeback button

There is a Feeback button placed on the right side. You can send the current page URL with it to the company for investigation if it is not properly displayed in Reader mode.

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