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Night-Mode Settings

The purpose of the Night Mode is to change the look (basically the colors of elements) of webpages which relaxes the users' eyes on the evenings and at night when there is big contrast between the monitor's light and the dark environment.

It can be found at top right among Quick Tools: Mx3 quick tool night mode.png This button has a dropdown menu where you can Switch to NightMode or set Custom Config. When you switch to night mode its icon turns to Mx3 quick tool night mode on.png

If you turn this mode on then the colors of webpage elements change to pre-defined colors which are more comfortable to the eyes. These colors can be customized in its Settings.


At the top of the window you can find a Switch between option where you can set a time interval when to switch on and off automatically the night mode.

At the Page Style section you can customize the color of some webpage elements. In brackets there are the pre-defined values in hex.

  • Text (#B6AA7B)
  • Link Text (#B6AA7B)
  • Background (#383838)
  • Visited Link (#D9C077)

The Preview button allows you to check what your setting will look like, without saving anything.