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Select dialog

With the Import/Export User Data tool it is possible to export and import bookmarks from different browsers and other kind of data from Maxthon browsers.

You can reach this function via the Menu. It opens up a window where you need to select whether you want to import or export data. At the top of this window your user account email is displayed in case you are logged in with your Passport, Facebook or Twitter account.


Import dialog

If you choose the Import User Data option, the Import dialog will be shown. Here you can import bookmarks from IE, Firefox and Google Chrome, other data from Maxthon 2 and 3, and favorites from HTML file or a folder.

There are two options at the bottom which can make the import more convenient for you:

  • Delete current data before import: checking this option removes every bookmark you saved and does the import just after that
  • Create Standalone Folder: having this option ticked, the bookmark imported will be put in a separate folder within Favorites named as ...

Also if you wanted to choose Export Favorites instead of Import User Data, you just need to click Back and you can continue the flow with the export.

Import from Maxthon 2

Import from Maxthon 3


Export dialog

When you select Export Favorites button the Export dialog will be displayed.