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Feed Reader is to ease the handling of your different RSS feeds.

You can add, categorize and import/export them in different file formats.


[edit] The Feed Reader

You can access the Feed Reader via the sidebar, the quick tools bar (Image:Mx3_quick_tool_feed_reader.png icon) or opening the about:reader alias.

[edit] Adding an RSS feed

Subscription to a feed via the feed URL
Subscription to a feed via the feed URL

There are two ways of adding a new feed: giving the feed URL manually, or via RSS recognition via the address bar.

For the manual addition, select the Image:Feed_reader_add_new_feed_button.png button at the top and add the URL.

For the other way, follow the below steps:

  1. open the website whiches feed you want to add
  2. find the Image:Mx3_rss_address_bar.png icon appeared at the right side of the address bar and click on it
  3. select the prefered feed from the list
  4. on the opening feed view click on the Image:Feed_reader_subscribe_button.png button.

Now the feed is added to your list and the Subscribe button disappeared.

[edit] Views

It supports three different layouts:

  • Image:Feed_reader_list_view.png List view
  • Image:Feed_reader_preview_mode.png Preview mode
  • Image:Feed_reader_detailed_view.png Detailed view

These layouts can be changed at right top under the Menu.

[edit] Import/Export

Maxthon allows importing and exporting feeds using two different file formats: one is .xml, the other one is .opml.

You can find these options in the Image:Feed_reader_menu.png.

[edit] Synchronization

Maxthon currently does not support the sync of RSS feeds into the cloud.

[edit] Other options

It is possible to Image:Feed_reader_mark_all_as_read.png. This option simply does what it says.

You can mark feeds with stars which means you added it to your favorite feeds. Please note that marking is possible for feeds within a channel and not for an RSS channel itself.

You can choose to see all the available feeds or just the new ones. You can find the related buttons (Image:Feed_reader_feeds_to_show_button.png) under the Menu.

Another ability of the Feed Reader is to close the subscription list (Image:Feed_reader_close_subscription_list.png) at the left. In this case you get a larger area for viewing your feeds. You still can check your subscriptions if you click on the Image:Feed_reader_subscriptions_button.png dropdown.

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