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Favorites has different parts across the browser, for example:

  • Favorites Manager
  • Sidebar favorites
  • Favorites bar
  • Indicator icon in the address bar

and more features as well.

Mx3 favorites manager icon.png Favorites Manager

This is the main place where you can manage/handle your favorites.

This is a separate page which can be opened via the Menu, by pressing Ctrl+Shift+B, or by opening the about:favorites page.

At the left you can see all your folders, at right all your favorites are displayed from the selectef folder. Mx3 favorites manager my favorites.png indicates the root.

There is a special folder: Mx3 update site icons recycle bin.png. When you delete any favorites, those items will be moved here first instead of removing them completely. Of course the items here can be restored by right clicking on them and selecting the Restore to Root Folder option.

You can find a search box at the top. It searches within all folders even when a subfolder is open.

Next to the search box there is the Mx3 update site icons favorites manager button.png button which you can find more information about below.

Data types

In Maxthon 3, favorites has three different types of data:

  • favorite item
  • folder
  • group

The latter one (groups) is a special type. They are like folders but groups allow you to open the items in it with a single click.

Folder and groups can be converted to each other.

Update Site Icons

Update Site Icon window

This function is useful for the case when you made a clean install of maxthon and synced your favorites first time. That time none of your favorites has favicon. Running this tool updates them (which it can) and marks them with a Mx3 update site icons check mark.png or with an Mx3 update site icons x mark.png whether the update was successful.

You can open this tool from the menu of the Favorites Bar (More > Update Site Icon), from the Favorites Manager and from the Favorites Sidebar (dropdown menu next to the search box) as well.

In the opening window you just need to click on Mx3 update site icons start button.png to run the update. When it is started you can easily pause the process with the Mx3 update site icons pause button.png button. Also at the bottom there is a progress bar and a counter which displayes the actual state of the update process.

At top right you can find a Mx3 update site icons order button.png button which you can order the list by the successful or failed results with.

Mx3 favorites address bar icon saved.png Address bar icon

When you are on an open page and not on a blank/Quick Access page, you can see a Mx3 favorites address bar icon not saved.png or Mx3 favorites address bar icon saved.png image at the left of the address bar. The first one means that the current page has not been added to your favorites, the latter one means it is added.

By clicking on the star, you get the Add To Favorites dialog.

Favorites bar

This is a kind of toolbar which is displayed right under the address bar. By default it displays your favorites from the root folder. If there are too many items to display, the rest is hidden under the Mx3 favorites bar dropdown.png menu. This bar has its own menu too where you can find some useful options and your favorites as well in a list.

The favorites shown on the bar can be changed via the Favorites bar menu > More > Set Favorites Bar Display Folder tool. Then the items from the selected folder will be listed on it.

The Most Favorites are displayed in red to differentiate them from other items.

The Favorites bar can be hidden either via the Menu > Customize UI tool or by using the Ctrl+B shortcut key.

Each item type has its own context menu which contains some useful options. (Not all of them are listed below.)

  • Favorite
    • Copy URL (and title)
    • Replace with Current Page: the selected favorite can be overridden by the current page.
    • Mark/Unmark as Most Favorite: does what it says, also makes its title shown in red.
  • Folder
    • Open All in This Folder
    • Add to This Folder
    • Convert to Quick Group
  • Group
    • Convert to Folder


You can find two options in Menu > Options > Favorites which are both apply to the Favorites bar:

  • Enable Multi-column Display Mode
If you have many favorites saved, after enabling this option, they will be displayed in multiple column. And as the help popup says next to the option, this is the Better display mode when menu is too long. Otherwise you will have only one scrollable list.
  • Enable Compact Mode for Favorites Bar
If you enable this option, each (favorite Mx3 favorites bar file icon.png, folder Mx3 favorites bar folder icon.png, group Mx3 favorites bar group icon.png) icons will be hidden on the bar, so more items can be displayed there.

Favorites sidebar

Favorites sidebar

This feature is one of the built-in tools/addons which is used on the sidebar.

It has an Mx3 sidebar favorites plus button.png button for adding the current site to the favorites, a search box and a menu at the top. Also a tabbed-layout list are, and a Recycle Bin button at the bottom.

In the menu you can find some useful and basic options.

The Favorites sidebar has a tabbed layout. Mx3 favorites sidebar all favorites tab.png (All Favorites) shows every folders and bookmarks you have. The red ones are the Most Favorites, only these ones are displayed on the second, Mx3 favorites sidebar most favorites tab.png tab. The third one is the Mx3 favorites sidebar most visited favorites tab.png (Most Visited Favorites) which shows what its name says.

At the bottom the Recycle Bin is placed. It shows the number of deleted bookmarks in brackets. If you click on it, you are taken to the Recycle Bin in the Favorites Manager.