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External tools list (pre-defined)

External Tools is a utility which you can run your applications on your hard drive or open a given folder with.

It can be found among the quick tools at up right: Mx3 quick tool external tools.png It contains some pre-defined tools. Of course these can be removed later if they are unnecessary:

  • My Computer: opens the My Computer folder
  • Desktop: open the folder of your desktop
  • Notepad: runs Notepad
  • Calc: runs the Calculator
  • Paint: runs Paint
Edit External Tool window

Default options

You can add new tools by clicking on the Add button. This opens the Edit External Tool window where you can define the following:

  • Startup Directory: set a file or a folder path in this field. This field is obviously mandatory.
  • Name: You can set the name of your tool. If you leave it empty, then the file's own name will be your tool's name.

More options

Clicking the More button you get some more options. The first one is the Arguments where you can set any arguments/parameter to run the given application with. For example Maxthon 3 can be ran using the -xpstyle parameter which means the browser window won't use the Windows 7 Aero style but will look like as it would look like on Windows XP.

There are three checkboxes at the bottom:

  • Start with Maxthon: The tool will run when Maxthon is opened.
  • Close with Maxthon: The tool closes automatically when you close Maxthon.
  • Start minimized: With this option you can run your tool minimized to the taskbar.