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Welcome to the beginners guide of Maxthon 3, this guide will give you some basic information about Maxthon's main features and its usage for the first time.

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How to Download and Install Maxthon 3

Maxthon 3 is currently not available for download anymore. The old forum is in the process of being made read-only, where it will be, then, made downloadable, yet again.

How to uninstall Maxthon 3

  • You can find an "Uninstall Maxthon" icon in the Program Group of Maxthon. Click it and follow the instructions to uninstall Maxthon Browser.
  • You can also uninstall Maxthon Browser via "Start -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs". Click the "Maxthon Browser" entry and click the "Remove" button, then follow the instructions to uninstall Maxthon Browser.

How to set Maxthon 3 as the default browser

In the address-bar, type in: about:config, and hit enter. If you are not already in the General settings panel, click "General" on the side. Now check the checkbox labeled, "Keep Maxthon as your default browser"

Running Maxthon for the first time

First steps using tabs

Features at your finger tips (gestures + drag and drop)

Managing your bookmarks

Be up to date with feeds

Blocking with the ad-hunter

The automated way (Magic fill)

Proxy settings