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Home Page & Startup Page

You can select between various options for Maxthon to behave as you like when it starts.

Check if Maxthon is the Default Browser

Check if Maxthon is still set as the default browser. Or you can set it to be default by clicking the green link.

Always Show Icon in System Tray

Enabling this option will put a Maxthon icon in the system tray. Right-clicking this icon will give you a quick access to your external utilities, simple collector, Maxthon and IE options.

Minimize to System Tray

Once enabled, clicking on the minimize button (in the upper right corner) will take Maxthon off the taskbar and minimize it in the system tray.

Close to System Tray

Enabling this makes the close button -the one in the upper right corner with an X in it- another minimize button. In order to close the program you must now use [File/Exit] or press the [Alt]+[F4] shortcut sequence.

Enable Boss Key

Enter the predefined shorcut (or create your own) and quickly hide Maxthon from your boss by taking the program off screen (and off the taskbar). Clicking the same sequence again will bring Maxthon back into view. It is set to be Ctrl+` as default.

Default Page Zoom Factor

This setting allows you to adjust your default zoon factor of webpage.

Disable Images

Disablling images will stop loading any images from the opening webpage.

Disable Scripts

Disabling Scripts will stop running any scripts from the opening webpage.

Disable GIF Animations

Disabling GIF Animations will stop you from loading any GIF animation from the opening webpage.

Disable Flash Movies

Disabling Flash Movies will stop you from loading any Flash movie from the opening webpage.

Disable Sounds

Disabling Sounds will stop loading any sound from the opening webpage.

Disable ActiveX Objects

Disabling ActiveX Objects will stop loading any ActiveX Objects from the opening webpage. Caution: you might not be able to view some web pages correctly without loading ActiveX Objects, if these pages contain any ActiveX objects. But Disable ActiveX Objects might prevent you from getting attacked by any vicious code.

Check fot Updates at Startup

Select or disable updating mode for Maxthon.

Reset All Settings to Default

Sets customized settings such as Search Engines, Shortcut Keys, Mouse Gestures and etc. to default values.