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General Options of Maxthon

Allow Only One Instance of Maxthon
Enabling this option will make sure that you can't start a second instance of the program, even if you ask for it. Clicking the shortcut again will rather re-focus the already opened Maxthon instead .
Display Animation Icon
Enable this and see the icon in the taskbar (and the title bar) changing color while pages are loading up.
Enable Boss Key
Enter the predefined shorcut (or create your own) and quickly hide Maxthon from your boss by taking the program off screen (and off the taskbar). Clicking the same sequence again will bring Maxthon back into view.
Show Tray Icon
Enabling this option will put a Maxthon icon in the system tray. Right-clicking this icon will give you a quick access to your external utilities, simple collector, Maxthon and IE options.
Minimize to System Tray
Once enabled, clicking on the minimize button (in the upper right corner) will take Maxthon off the taskbar and minimize it in the system tray.
Close to System Tray
Enabling this makes the close button -the one in the upper right corner with an X in it- another minimize button. In order to close the program you must now use [File/Exit] or press the [Alt]+[F4] shortcut sequence.
Show All Webpages in Predefined Zoom Factor
Here you can force Maxthon to open every new web page in a predefined zoom factor (+ or -).
Disable Script Error 
Disabling script errors will stop the popping of the annoying window box with the script error message in it. Just remember that, if you decide to check this on, you can always see the script errors by double-clicking on the icon in the left corner of the statusbar. It is recommended to keep this option enabled though!
Use Flat Browser Scroll Bar 
Enabling this will make your scroll bars look a bit more flat. This setting is purely esthetic though, it won't affect the performance or anything.
Ignore Window ID assignment in Frames
It is recommended to keep that setting unchecked as it might impair the proper functioning of the web page frames.
Lock Home Page 
This option makes sure that some websites don't start changing the setting of your browser's home page without your consent.
Add Maxthon User-Agent Identification
This will add Maxthon to your useragent string (which is used to tell the website which browser you are using in order to view their web pages). Just keep in mind that Maxthon already introduces himself as an IE browser (which might be required be some websites for the proper rendition of their web pages setting).

When Starting

Perform these actions when you start Maxthon:

Do Not Load Start Page When Opened by Other Program
If Maxthon (as the default browser) is called by another program to open a specific webpage Maxthon doesn't open the default start page/group.
Check for new version
If you check this option Maxthon will connect with his server every time you start Maxthon to check if there is an update available for Maxthon.
Check for new server messages
Maxthon connects with his server to check for messages from the authors, to inform you about important Maxthon news.
Automatically download new security enhancement update
This option is only available for people who have enabled 'Appreciation Service' (only if you have donated money to Maxthon).
Check Whether Maxthon is the Default Browser
Check if Maxthon is still set as the default browser.
Set Maxthon as Default Browser
If you set Maxthon as your default browser most programs will open Maxthon if they connect to a webpage.

Some programs have hardcoded Internet Explorer as the browser that is opened. It's not possible for Maxthon to open these links. But you can check the Maxthon Forum if there is a solution for your program.

When Closing

Perform the following actions when you close Maxthon:

Clean Undo List
Clear the list with last opened tabs that is used by the undo function (ALT + Z)
Clean Address
Clear the addresses you have inputted in the address bar.
Clean Search Bar History
Clear the history of the Maxthon Search Bar.
Clean History
Clean your history (all the webpages you have opened).
Clean Cache
Clear your temporary internet files
Clean Cookies
Clear all your cookies (small files that can store passwords, visited pages and other private information)
Clear Form Data
Clear the data from forms saved by the AutoFill feature.
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