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What does the name "Maxthon" mean?

It doesn't mean anything in English, But the Chinese name of Maxthon means "Fun to navigate".

Who is developing Maxthon?

Maxthon's developer team is now based in Beijing, China. Jeff Chen (also known as bloodchen) is the founder of Maxthon. The team does not only focus on providing a better surfing experience and also try to build a communication platform for Maxthon users.
Currently known members in the Maxthon team along with Jeff Chen are SiC, Richard (developers) and Netanel Jacbosson (Marketing, promotion, distribution and media relationships)

What is MyIE?

MyIE is the early version of Maxthon 1.x before it was renamed to Maxthon in 2003, MyIE was originaly developed by Changyou, Who left the project after he posted the source code to a forum, Many browsers use Changyou's source code as the base, That's include Maxthon 1.x, Green browser and there might be others.
Before MyIE was renamed to Maxthon, Bloodchen developed MyIE2, But the new version Maxthon 2.x is (being) developed from the scratch and doesn't use MyIE's source code.

What are the system requirements?


  • Minimum Requirements:
   500MHz CPU
   256MB Memory
   20MB Free Disk Space 
  • Recommended System Configuration
   1.2GHz CPU
   512MB Memory
   64MB Free Disk Space


   Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
   Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or Above Version 
  • Maxthon runs only on Windows system

Where can I find ...?

My account folder Found in your Maxthon's folder, In case of personal accounts the folder will have your Maxthon passport email as its caption, But in case of no account (shared account), it will be called SharedAccount
Groups your_account_folder > mbookmark.xml Included in this file with favorites and encoded for privacy reasons
The server list of translations in the go button Maxthon folder > Temp > AList.xml
The server list of Quick URLs Maxthon folder > Temp > NList.xml
Skins, plugins and filters Found in their own folders inside Maxthon's folder
Saved sessions your_account_folder > Session

Terminology - What do the abbreviations mean...?