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Would it be convenient to have your favorite applications at hand whenever you are browsing the web? Would it be even more convenient to be able to start and shut them automatically with Maxthon? YES! Bingo. Well, by enabling its "External Utilities" feature, Maxthon can give you the utmost convenience you have ever desired!

How to setup External Utilities:

  1. Select the menu button "Tools", then select "External Utilities" and "Utility Manager"
  2. In this dialog, use '+', '-',... buttons to add, remove, modify or sort the External Tools.


If you would like an application to start together with Maxthon, select the application and then check the box "Start with Maxthon" or "Close with Maxthon" (you can select both if you wish).

The tooltip of the application that will start with Maxthon will begin with a *.This indicates that it will start with Maxthon. You can also add arguments, like the current URL to the external tools. This makes it possible to view the current URL with another browser (I don't think you need that options, since Maxthon is the best, but just in case....;).
You can also check the 'Promt for arguments' option so Maxthon will ask for the arguments everytime you start this external utility.

With Maxthon you can easily launch external programs. You can view these external utilities you add here on the Utilities Bar (View > Toolbars), the 'Utilities' option on the main toolbar (View > Toolbars > Customize...), or under Tools > External Utilities.


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