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Favorites menu
Show "Add to this Folder" command in Favorites menu: Allows you to quickly add the current page into the chosen folder.
Show tooltips for items on the Favorites menu: To be edited

Favorites Menu Maximum Width

This width is set to be 300 as default.

Favorites Bar Display Folder:

This is set to be the ROOT folder. You can choose another folder to be displayed in the favorites bar.

Other Favorties Options
Use compact mode for Favorites Bar: No icons diplayed for the folder or the site.
Use Multi-line Favorites Bar (Auto-wrap when content exceeds toolbar width): Not that good looking.
Show "Recent Visited Hyperlinks" button on Favorites Bar: The heart shaped button which shows your recently visited favorites.
Close all tabs before open a Group: It's used for group.

Enable Maxthon Online Favorite Service (Restart Required)

Unless you have a Maxthon account and login in with it while starting Maxthon.