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External tools are like shortcuts for other programs, which makes easier to launch programs from Maxthon. With this feature you can have your favorite applications at hand when you browse the Internet. You can set them to start and close automatically with Maxthon.

You can add one in Tools > External Tools > Add External Tool. Then you will get the following dialog (its textfields will be empty, now you are going to see an example):


You need to give four things:

  • the Name,
  • the Command which is the file (with file path) what will be executed,
  • Arguments: this makes it really easy to test a webpage in another browser. You just add the current URL as argument and the other browser will open the page you are currently viewing!
There are four built-in arguments:
  • Current URL -> $current_url
  • Current Title -> "$current_title"
  • Maxthon Folder -> "$max_folder"
  • Maxthon Windows Handler -> $max_handle
  • the Startup Directory: the path of the directory which contains the executable file. This field can be leaved empty in most cases.

Tip 1: If you drag a file into this dialog, the Name, Command and Startup Directory field will be filled in.
Tip 2: Full text is: Hold ALT key while drag and drop toolbar icons to change their order.

External tools will be added to the Plugin bar. If you would like to edit or delete one you just need to right click on the external tool and choose Edit or Delete option.

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