Beginner's Guide - Playing with the tabs - Maxthon 1.x

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You may have noticed that Maxthon has a tab bar either on the top or on the bottom of its main window. With this tab bar, you can open and access multiple web page (but also your computer folders and files), inside Maxthon.


Basic Operations

To create a new blank page, you can click on the 'New' button on the toolbar, double click on the blank space of the tab bar or you can use the 'F1' key. But I'm always using the CTRL+N shortcut key to open new tabs (new pages). So there are many ways to do this.


Another feature I like the most is 'Open from Clipboard'. If you copied an URL to the Clipboard, you can open it with 'CTRL+SHIFT+N', from the drop-down menu of the 'New' toolbar button or from the File > 'New Tab' menu.

When you have several tabs (windows) of web pages, you can switch among them by clicking on the corresponding tab on the tab bar. You can also use CTRL+LEFT ARROW / CTRL+RIGHT ARROW or F2 / F3 to switch tabs.

I disabled CTRL+ARROW keys in 'Maxthon Options > Tab > Use CTRL+ ARROW key to browse pages' to edit the text in the text box of web pages. Because when you're using CTRL+SHIFT+ARROW keys to select words, Maxthon will switch tabs and you'll lose the focus.

To arrange the tabs, you can Drag&Drop them in any order. Eventually you must activate the tab, you want to move. But if you do not use a Skin and have the option 'Use flat Button Tab' enabled (goto Maxthon Options, select 'Tab' and there click on 'Appearance'), you can also move inactive tabs.

To close tabs, the fastest way is double-click on the tab. You can also use 'Close' and 'Close All' buttons on the top-right of the window. But I think you won't use 'Close' button any more since the double-click is easy and swift.

To reopen the tab you've closed, you can click on the 'Undo' button on the main toolbar or use the shortcut ALT+Z. If you want to choose which tab to reopen in an undo list, you can click on the down arrow beside the 'Undo' button.

Special Features

Right click the tab, you'll find many commands on the menu.


Send to
Send the tab to different place such as 'Filter', 'Favorite', 'Group', 'Desktop', 'IE'. The send to 'Desktop' command will create a shortcut link to the tab's URL, and send to 'IE' will open the URL in Internet Explorer.
Set Sticky Name
When you set a sticky name for a page, the page title won't change any more.
Protect Tab
Protect the tab with a password. With this feature you have enter the right password before you can view the the protected page.
Lock Tab
Lock the Tab so that the 'Close All' command won't close the locked tab. The shortcut is ALT+X.
Auto Refresh
Auto refresh the tab with an interval of seconds you set. This feature can be useful when visiting forums.
Link List
List all links in the page. Especially useful when looking for software or something. The shortcut is ALT+L.
Tab on Top/Bottom
Place the tab bar on the top or on the bottom of the screen
Auto Save
Quickly save the page without prompt. You can setup its options in 'Options > Maxthon Options > Save > Auto Save'.

Beside the above, there are some Mouse Gestures to make everything even better. Please forward to the next section for detailed information on this really great feature.