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Change the settings of your Address Bar.

Domain Completion
This option allows you to skip typing "http;//www." and ".com" before and after the name of the web sites you want to visit. Just type the name -example "Maxthon" (without the quotes)- and then press [CTRL]+[Enter] and you'll be taken there without any further ado. You can also modidy these settings to your own liking: ".org", ".gov", "" or "http;//mail." and ".net".
Delete Typed URLs
Here you can clean up some of the URLs that are cluttering the address bar 'history' by clicking on the drop down menu, select a link, and click the [Delete] button. Or delete everything by using the [Delete All] button.


Here is where you can add (insert), stop, or delete the services that are available through the drop down menu situated at the right end of the address bar (the little down arrow after the green 'GO' button).

URL Alias

URL Alias is quicker than Domain Completion. Here you can program Maxthon to open a very specific web page by typing as few as one letter in the address bar.

For example: typing the alias "mf" (without the quotes) in the address bar + clicking [Enter] should open the Maxthon Forum index page (this one comes preprogrammed).

Now click the green plus (+) button and start adding your own favorites.

You can go here to learn more about URL Alias .

Don't forget to enable URL Alias in the Options > Use URL Alias if you want to use this feature!

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